Bulldog Bites Pedophile’s Penis Off as He Tried to Rape Sleeping Children

A pedophile has been left with “life-altering” injuries after climbing through the bedroom window of two young children, only to be greeted by their pet bulldog who bit his penis off. 52-year-old Randle James of Saline County, Arkansas, climbed into the 1st-floor window of the small family home into the room where the two young sisters were sleeping […]

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Donald Trump asked the White House staff to make McDonald’s burgers

The President reportedly asked kitchen staff in the White House to make him McDonald’s burgers. This revelation comes from Donald Trump’s former body-man (think Charlie from The West Wing). Keith Schiller served as President Trump’s Director of Oval Office Operations until September. The former body man was recently called to testify before Congress regarding a […]

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