EPIC QUESTION: If Islam is so fantastic, then why are millions of Muslims fleeing Islamic countries to go to Christian Europe, Australia and the United States

KATIE HOPKINS has defended Donald Trump’s travel ban and questioned why those in Muslim countries were “fleeing to Christian countries”.

The former Apprentice contestant blasted the critics of the US leader’s controversial order to temporarily bar citizens and refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The commentator sided with President Trump on Fox News after the ban was halted and it was debated by an appeals court. “I’m with Trump all the way and I think one of the interesting things here in the UK is the amount of support amongst the Muslim community as well that we don’t really hear about very much.

“But they can see what he’s trying to do, he’s trying to say ‘I will defend our borders, I will give America strong borders’ and that’s something we can really relate to.” Hopkins said it was the Islam being a “divisive religion” which led those in the Muslim world wanting to “flea” to the West.

She said: “One of the questions I’ve been asking in my column and on the radio is if Islam’s so fantastic why is it that Muslims always seem to want to come and flee to Christian countries?

“And it’s a question that doesn’t get asked a lot but it’s one that’s an interesting question to ask. “And a lot of Muslims have been saying it’s because Islam is such a divisive religion, so I think we understand the travel ban.”

Hopkins then compared the US court hearing to the #Article50 case in the UK after saying Doanld Trump’s travel ban was “reassuring”. “I think if you look at western Europe, you look at Nice, you look at Brussels, you look at the chaos that’s being caused by terrorists – it’s reassuring to see someone finally trying to do something about it. “And I think he’s being frustrated in the courts in the same way that we had #Brexit… when they tried to tell us we couldn’t have what we voted for.”

Katie Hopkins supports Donald Trump’s travel ban.

She asks the liberals: “if Islam is so fantastic… why is it that Muslims always seem to want to come and flee to Christian countries?”

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Source : https://www.jewsnews.co.il

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