When wearing a suicide vest, hoverboards are not the best form of transportation…

There are seemingly endless ways for terrorists to inflict their horrible ideas of destruction on anyone they deem to be their enemy.

Flying airplanes into buildings, hiding bombs in shoes on an airplane, and even hiding bombs in their private parts.

To people who have no red-lines, who are driven to kill by religious beliefs and lurid fantasies in the after-world, there seems to be no end to what they will dream of doing in order to accomplish their goal.

Sometimes, they receive a short-cut to kingdom come, as this wretched soul found out as he tried out a new form of terrorism.

This malfunction served as a blessing to mankind.

Is this video real or fake? Unclear – but it most certainly is a good reminder of the kind of terror activities that the ISIS enemy has clearly been taking in order to bring the Western world down to it’s knees.

Source: israelvideonetwork.com

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